Alyssia Mancha

    Alyssia Mancha was born and raised in Las Vegas Nevada, and began dancing at the young age of 5. Under the direction of Kathy Humphries at Dance Fusion Studio, she quickly progressed to competing at the age of 6. Dancing has given her the opportunity to know decades of songs and the history and people behind the music. Mrs. Kathy has inspired Alyssia to be a better person and has motivated her to never give up on your dreams and stay positive. Dance is Alyssia’s lifestyle and she enjoys expressing her feelings with dance when words cannot be found.

    Alyssia has won many scholarships allowing her tremendous opportunities to attend conventions and perform dance routines with top choreographers such as Mandy Moore and Dennis Caspary. She was awarded “Dancer of the Year” through elite title competitions. Alyssia was one of the youngest dancers chosen to perform with a local award winning “Hip Hop” dance crew — Meccamee.

    Alyssia is well disciplined in a variety of dance, including but not limited to; Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Tap, Point and Contemporary. Dance has inspired Alyssia to give back to the community of Las Vegas by performing in numerous benefit shows throughout the region such as Rising Star Outreach (benefiting people with Leprosy) and the LBC foundation (against drunk driving).

    Alyssia is currently Varsity Captain of her high school dance team. In the future she hopes to perform on cruise ships while studying kinesiology to become a sports physical therapist.

    When Alyssia dances it makes others smile and brings them joy and that is what she loves to share with others. Alyssia has been blessed to have had such a gracious experience and is incredibly honored to be a part of Studio One’s Henderson Dance Academy.

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