Sara ParkerSara has been a performer for as long as she can remember. Originally from Long Island, New York, at the age of 3, she began dance class. By 5, she was taking monthly trips to New York City with her mother for various auditions for acting and modeling. She landed a small role for an international short film called “Listen” as well as an extra on the hit television show Sesame Street! Her family moved to Las Vegas in 1998 where Sara continued classes in dance and acting. It was during this time she began her gymnastic classes at the age of 8. As Sara grew with her different classes, she decided to become a competitive dancer by 2002. This continued until her graduating year in 2007. Between extracurricular classes and school, there was cheerleading. Sara was a cheerleader for her middle school and high school, 7 years straight, from 2001-2007. Upon graduating, she became a professional dancer & cheerleader for the UFL (United Football League) team, the Las Vegas Locos, Las Vegas being the 3-time national champions for the league. After the league ended in 2011, Sara had the privilege of being part of the USA Sevens Rugby tournament, a national event held in Las Vegas, as a professional dancer and cheerleader for Team USA and performed in front of a full crowd of 16 nations.

In her adulthood, Sara continued her love of dance and gymnastics by becoming an instructor and sharing her passions with the next generation. Sara has been teaching since she was 22 years old. She has earned her instruction and safety certification through USA Gymnastics and continues to learn various drills and skill sets to keep her students progressing and motivated. Sara absolutely loves working with kids and believes giving each student individual attention and motivation to succeed is key helping them reach their ultimate potential. When Sara is not teaching, she enjoys spending her days off with her animals! If she’s not relaxing at home, Sara enjoys doing anything outdoors; including hiking Red Rock, rollerblading with her pups, cliff jumping at Lake Mead, or going anywhere where she can explore someplace new!

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